Turkish cuisine


Anatolia was the host of many civilisations such as Lycians and Hittitesand lastly has been the host of Turks, who immigrated from CentralAsia. The culture of nomadic Turks combined with the settled culture ofRomans and blended with Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Balcans and theAegean to make up today's Turkish culture. Naturally this multi culturedframework shapes life and art in Turkey. While investigating Turkishcuisine, bearing multi culturedness and regional differences in mindwould be of great help in understanding.

Yazar Şavkay, Tuğrul
Yayıncı -
Basım Sayısı 1. bs. bs.
Yayın Tarihi 2003
Kitap Sayfa Sayısı 176
ISBN 9789752851146
Kaynak Türleri -
Konu Başlıkları Genel Çalışmalar
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