Istanbul conference on international dispute resolution a global perspective


Turkey enjoys a privileged historical, juridic, and geographical posturethat suggests that it rightfully should be a leader in any effort contemplatingthe fashioning of a judicial culture premised upon a confluence of legal traditions.As of the date of this writing, the Ministry of Justice has made clearTurkey’s commitment to international commercial arbitration as both aninstrumentality of that sovereign’s development and a reassurance publishedto the world of prospective investors in Turkey as a host-state that its judiciaryhas placed international commercial arbitration in pari materia withjudicial recourse. This embracing and promotion of international commercialarbitration has been undertaken by clearly understanding that there is aneed to build a judicial rubric on the traditional ius civile and the ius gentiumeuropeam so as to give rise to, as an ultimate expression of a judicial voice, aius mundis or, put simply, a global law.

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Basım Sayısı -
Yayın Tarihi 2008
Kitap Sayfa Sayısı 190
ISBN 9789752959316
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Konu Başlıkları Ekonomi ve Finans


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